Kotak Listrik

This event has been running as much as 5 times and became Hysteria annual event since 2009. Kotak Listrik more accommodating in the electronic music genre mainly noise. Kotak Listrik stems from an offer for cooperation with House of Natural Fiber (HONF) Yogyakarta to hold a music event ‘Breakcore Labs’ that accommodate the experimental electronic music in Grobak Art Kos.


Kotak Listrik is held every year with a variety of both local and international artists later on. Some of the artists are Mindfucking Boy (Singapore), Kirdec (Belgium), Biscotti (Italy), Nicola Mounoud (Switzerland), Felix Duefel (Germany), Unii (Japan), Monotron Prostitute, VJ Aimee, Terror Incognita, Electro Kids, Fotokopi, Electrical Address, Belantara, Sistem Busuk dari Dalam aka SBDD, Racau Kemarau, etc.


In the sixth implementation, Kotak Listrik will elevate the discourse on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and science in relation to social change in society.

Kotak Listrik 5 : Brainstrooming

Hysteria – Kotak Listrik is designed as an electronic music appreciation program, alternative or not. This program is entering the fifth Implementation, but it doesn’t mean that the problems had been resolved. A lot of homework that must be worked, especially associated with the regeneration of this kind of music genre. Reflecting on previous experiences,

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Kotak Listrik 4

Hysteria – Located in Green Black CafĂ©, Now, Gunungpati, 4th Kotak Listrik is a total festive. Nicola Mounoud (Switzerland) appeared energetic after Belantara, Sistem Busuk Dari Dalam aka SBDD, and Terror Incognita heat up the night on Monday (25.03.13). Back to the spirit of the birth of Kotak Listrik, in this time the whole musicians

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Kotak Listrik 3

Hysteria – Unlike the previous occasion, this 3rd Kotak Listrik is held in conjunction with the 7th anniversary of Hysteria. The format of the gigs is also changed from pure experimental music event into multi-disciplinary art event. Performers include ASA theater of IAIN Walisongo campus, Elektrokids, Brongot Setan Kober aka BSK, Terror Incognita, Electrical address,

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Kotak Listrik 2

Hysteria along with HelloBreakfast for the second time hold experimental music event Kotak Listrik 2. Different from previous years, this time the show featured two musicians from overseas, that Mindfucking Boy (Singapore), and Kirdec (Belgium). Profile: Mindfuckingboy (Singapore) Shaun, Musicians originating in Singapore is a unique musician. His music is emotional catharsis, self cleansing and

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Breakcore Labs: Kotak Listrik 1

Breakcore Labs: Kotak Listrik Breakcore_LABS (Kotak Listrik) merupakan wadah bagi para pecinta dan pegiat musik eksperimental elektronik yang banyak memadukan aliran-aliran semisal techno, hardcore, jungle, down tempo, IDM, break beat hingga drumb n bass. Bisa juga ia merupakan pengoptimalan kecanggihan komputer yang dirubah menjadi instrumen musik yang mampu memproses gelombang suara dengan tingkat kecepatan, kerapatan

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