Citizen Urbanism Platform, encourages a sense of ownership of the city and become part of the solution. PekaKota embryos come from a meeting at the Quest Hotel 2012, which was initiated by the Rujak Center for Urban Studies (Jakarta). The meeting is held with various observers cities (journalists, researchers, academics, and NGOs) followed up by some participants to create a new platform called ‘Unidentified Group Discussion’ which give attention in strengthening the capacity of citizens through the identification, distribution, and utilization of daily knowledge for the good of the city . Tugu village and Bustaman village are chosen as a pilot project. The result is a book about the village and a festival that used to redistribute the information that has been obtained in 2013. This platform was renamed the ‘Kota Milik Bersama’, and transform to be ‘Peka Kota’.

Peka Kota agreed with Jane Jacobs, who stated a city can only meet the needs of all people if built by everyone. therefor, to build a knowledge base for a city and empower the element of society in it as a key for the better change.
Our cultural work, once again, appreciated when 2014-2015 Japan Foundation gives the opportunity to organize an art festival in Bustaman with the headline ‘Bok Cinta’ project which has a focus on the use of residents public space. Recently, it continued the triangle of collection-distribution-utilization of the knowledge of citizens, Peka Kota run participatory mapping program in Purwodinatan village with support from Ushahidi as part of 100 Resilience City Semarang programs with city government and the Rockefeller Foundation. This cross association opens various possibilities, including the utilization of information technology and communications (ICT) and science in an effort to encourage a change in society.

Mapping Project 5: Mapping The Toll Inner Circumference in Semarang Online

Hysteria – Unlike the previous mapping, this time PetaKota #5 in cooperation with the Ushahidi to map online by using Open Street Map. During 6 months, starting from March to August 2015, the mapping is done in Purwodinatan village. Although the project just to map Purwodinatan area, but the mapping by PetaKota team is even

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Tengok Bustaman 2: Bok Cinta Project

Hysteria – Bok Cinta Project is an art project, which is held in Kampung Bustaman, Purwodinatan, North Semarang. ‘Bok Cinta’ is an idiom made by Bustaman Youths, named Ikatan Remaja Bustaman (IRB), to call their hang-out place in one of Bustaman alleys. Physically, ‘Bok Cinta’ made of concrete brick (3 X 0,6 meters) in one

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Ketugu (Visiting Tugu)

hysteria – ‘KETUGU’ is part of the program of urban knowledge dynamics initiated by Unidentified Group Discussion (UGD). Similarly, As much as ‘Tengok Bustaman (Glance at Bustaman),’ the program goal is to collect daily experiences that happened for years to be knowledge that can be utilized for the common good. The program begins with a

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Tengok Bustaman (Glance at Bustaman)

Hysteria – The very first Tengok Bustaman is emplemented in 2013. The goal is to archieve, distribute the knowledge of citizens, and use it for the common good. ‘Tengok Bustaman’ program is initiated by Unidentified Group Discussion (UGD) Semarang together with Rujak Center for Urban Studies. The program is also intended to help citizens identify

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Mapping Project 4: The Embryo

Hysteria – The theme for the 4th Mapping Project, PetaKota was agreed to find  a new seed that has an interest in the field of archiving.  In this year, the art poster of Semarang 2012 is not shown in a size of A3 paper (29,7cm x 42 cm) or as the original, the organizers only

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