Performance Gear # 2, the Fresh Performing Arts Appreciation Forum

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  • 5/5 – Arjuna emerged from a narrow stall. There is no musical accompaniment in the uprising. Instead of making the audience furrowed brow, the audience laughed out of control because they realize how ridiculous the scene is. But the absurdity and triviality seems to be burlesque in each performance of Roda Gila & Klab Klip Bersaudara. That night (03.05.10) in grobak A(r)t Kos, Stonen street / 29, Sampangan, for the second time they held the second event of Unjuk Gigi.

On stage that night, Roda Gila put Aga Petir, Penyembah Hari Libur and Khoiri Abbdillah (Nawiji theater) as a headliner, to call their guest star. Khoiri Abdillah as one of the former campus theater performer in Semarang brought monolog of an excerpts story in front of audiences. After a 30-minute monologue, Aga Petir and Penyembah Hari Libur spent their time playing blues music. The interaction afterwards was insteresting. Some comrades have appeared spontaneously on the stage, for example Garna. They then tell the tale of their daily problems to a very-relaxed-forum. Such events are held by Roda Gila DKKB, it always runs attractively, unexpected, trivial but fresh. (Id)

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