Unjuk Gigi # 1

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grobakhysteria.or.id – Unjuk Gigi (Show Off) is a project created by performance groups named Roda Gila & Klab Klip Bersaudara. This event is made in the search of talent and self-actualization. According to Umam as coordinator of the group, Unjuk Gigi made for the beginner as a venue for self-actualization, for those who are actively reinforce the existence, and for the return of people that once active in the past. This time Unjuk Gigi cooperate with Hysteria by utilizing Grobak A(r)t Kos as the venue.

The artists that performed that night (01.24.10) is Garna Raditya, SihWahyuning and Ardian ” Lipstick Lipsing”. Sih Wahyuning who brought a fragment of a monologue about Draupadi appear so powerful while Garna and Ardian perform by playing many kind of sound effects. Performances were also enlivened by audience’s spontaneous performance and then a bit chaos because theres local neighbor came angry, grumpy, carrying a broom and stop the event. But proponents of Unjuk Gigi, drunk and drink some beers secretly, managed to calm the anger of neighbor and ultimately show continues. (Fa)

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