Ahli Tukang Gizi Unjuk Gigi (Nutrition Expert Shows Off)

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grobakhysteria.or.id – What would happen if a poem was read by some people? garbled or become increasingly compact? Bahana Patria, one of the performers in the Unjuk Gigi # 3 held by Roda Gila, want to practice the reading participatory model. For Bahana, who was also a Kompas journalist , read the poem does not have to be expert. Vocal training routine or anything like that. Reading poetry is a normal thing that everyone can. The Involvement is the key factor that poetry became an interesting collective event. That evening, Bahana becomes a mentor in poetry reading material for everyone. It isn’t the kind of mentor in teaching how articulation and vocal volume, but it serves conductor, as in orcestra, which person that has to read any word.

The connecting words eventually become a beautiful poem together. Such models become an attractive alternative to address the stagnation of reading poems that were all the same everytime. Declamation as the main reference eventually countered by the participation of the audience. Bahana Patria, who was also performed in the same time with Bagus TR, and Screcrows (06.30.10) appears attractive and once make other audiences frightened, because some readers are not ready to cue up being ridiculed by other readers. Another case of Bahana, Bagus TR that stands as opening performer at the event held at Grobak A(r)t Kos (GAK), Stonen street / 29 Sampangan, Semarang. Bagus tried to explore his new job as Salesman. Approximately 25-minute monologue was apparently able to made the audience laugh to death. In closing performance, Scarecrows bring blues music. (Im)

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