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Hysteria – Work as graphic design is often underestimated. This skewed notion is sometimes makes a lot of graphic design graduates do not pursue this world. This myth has long wanted to be broken by Dina Prasetyawan, graphic designer from Semarang. His efforts to penetrate international competitions has made him more determined to pursue this profession. Not only Dina, there are also Yulia Purnarisa, a girl that origin from Kendal who also pursue the world ilutrator for long time. Their works can now be enjoyed in Grobak Art Kos, Stonen street number 29, Gajahmungkur, Semarang from April 24th – May 1st.

The exhibition itself is featuring a variety of designs that has won some competitions, This exhibition, that is concepted by Kristya Nugraha, is also cooperate with Kreativity Meet Designer (KMD) and also Arief Hadinata. “This program comes from Art Lab division Hysteria that try to facilitate the young artists to dare to show off,” said Kristya to the media. There are 57 artworks displayed in the form of an illustration, logos, and comic that ever produced by the artist.

Besides the exhibition, therea also a discussion session with the artists after the music performance of Antara Lain, and DJ Hokage. Rahmasari Rizkiana Annisa (21) Ungaran citizens who took time to see the exhibition admitted that she get a lot of perspectives from discussion with the artists. “Dina’s statement about how designers work is only about drawing but also strict discipline so that they can live from their work.” she said. Annisa expect this kind of activity should be held more often to stimulate the creative creation of newbie artists .

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