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Tengok Bustaman 2: Bok Cinta Project

Hysteria – Bok Cinta Project is an art project, which is held in Kampung Bustaman, Purwodinatan, North Semarang. ‘Bok Cinta’ is an idiom made by Bustaman Youths, named Ikatan Remaja Bustaman (IRB), to call their hang-out place in one of Bustaman alleys. Physically, ‘Bok Cinta’ made of concrete brick (3 X 0,6 meters) in one


Ketugu (Visiting Tugu)

hysteria – ‘KETUGU’ is part of the program of urban knowledge dynamics initiated by Unidentified Group Discussion (UGD). Similarly, As much as ‘Tengok Bustaman (Glance at Bustaman),’ the program goal is to collect daily experiences that happened for years to be knowledge that can be utilized for the common good. The program begins with a


Tengok Bustaman (Glance at Bustaman)

Hysteria – The very first Tengok Bustaman is emplemented in 2013. The goal is to archieve, distribute the knowledge of citizens, and use it for the common good. ‘Tengok Bustaman’ program is initiated by Unidentified Group Discussion (UGD) Semarang together with Rujak Center for Urban Studies. The program is also intended to help citizens identify