The voices from the past for the future

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  • 6/6 – The Future Sounds of Folk is a program initiated by Marc Chia a.k.a One Man Nation related to his ideas of music. This idea he developed approximately for a year during his stays in Indonesia. The Future Sounds of Folks is an attempt to reinterpret the wealth of music tradition collaborated with the approach of the present (contemporary). This time, One Man Nation will invite Bamboo Wukir as his partner in bringing music that may enlighten (07/07/10). Thanks to cooperation between Hysteria and Arts Council of Semarang with Hello Breakfast as strategic partner, the event can be done. There is also Ratno cello as an opening music performance.

The event that was held at Raden Saleh Cultural Park (TBRS), Sriwijaya street / 29, also featured a short performance of Hysteria and TBRS Jimbe Team. The event, which almost disrupted by rain was finally completed also with admiration of the audience. All out performance by Wukir was able to anesthetize the hundreds of spectators who crowded the open theater in TBRS. The last but not less, Marc performs at the end of the event. Marc is able to incorporate some elements of the traditional music sounds sampled and processed in such a way with the aid of electronic tools. Minimal lighting and the sound that fills the room makes the atmosphere alot more tense.

Especially when Marc came down the stage and yelling in the audience. Blend between the music sound and Marc short performance apparently riveting some audiences which are mostly students. The show closed with the collaboration between Jimbe team, Marc, and Wukir. Unfortunately, since no communication has been made before between the performers, the collaboration eventually become anticlimactic. (Ta)

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