Kotak Listrik

This event has been running as much as 5 times and became Hysteria annual event since 2009. Kotak Listrik more accommodating in the electronic music genre mainly noise. Kotak Listrik stems from an offer for cooperation with House of Natural Fiber (HONF) Yogyakarta to hold a music event ‘Breakcore Labs’ that accommodate the experimental electronic music in Grobak Art Kos.


Kotak Listrik is held every year with a variety of both local and international artists later on. Some of the artists are Mindfucking Boy (Singapore), Kirdec (Belgium), Biscotti (Italy), Nicola Mounoud (Switzerland), Felix Duefel (Germany), Unii (Japan), Monotron Prostitute, VJ Aimee, Terror Incognita, Electro Kids, Fotokopi, Electrical Address, Belantara, Sistem Busuk dari Dalam aka SBDD, Racau Kemarau, etc.


In the sixth implementation, Kotak Listrik will elevate the discourse on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and science in relation to social change in society.