About Us

Hysteria is a community laboratory that specializes in youth empowerment based on collectivity and has great concern in art and city issues.

This communal has been running since 11 September 2004. Originally initiated by Yuswinardi in a form of publishing literature leaflet . A year later there are some other member join in, Heri CS, Sutiyono Sajad, and Adin, and since then Hysteria not only publish zines, but also actively organized various art activities.
Mid-2008, the group rented a house in Stonen street number 29, which functioned as an art space and discourse. This room is the continuation of the art project ‘Grobak Art’, which is a place of selling “Nasi Kucing” (tiny wrapped rice) cat, at Jalan Atmodirono since 2007.

In 2011, Under the coordination of Adin, Hysteria officially incorporated. The activities of this institution include: discussions, appreciation, exhibitions, workshops, festivals, and a variety of community facilitation.
As a commitment to the issue of the city, along with Rujak Center for Urban Studies and others, Hysteria midwifed the birth of ‘Unidentified Group Discussion’ which eventually transformed into platforms of ‘Peka Kota’ that the program initially focused on the issue of the village.

Until recently, there are various institutions who have worked with us, such as Hivos, Rumah Lebah, Rujak Center for Urban Studies, Ushahidi, Ford Foundation, Sampoerna for Indonesia, Kelola Foundation, Kontras, Goethe Institute, and many others.

Manager :
Director: Adin
Program Manager: Purna Cipta Nugraha
Space Manager: Oktavia Bagus Prakoso
Project Officer Grobak Bioskop: Kristya Nugraha
Artistic and Lab: Gifari Cholis and Debby Selviana (internship)
Research Departement: Tri Wahyulianto

Office :
Stonen street No. 29, Bendanngisor, Gajahmungkur, Semarang, 50233
+624 8316860
Email : hysteriakita59@gmail.com
Twitter : @grobakhysteria
Facebook : Kolektif Hysteria
Instagram: Kolektif Hysteria