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Hysteria – How Art Made The World is a 2005 five-part BBC One documentary series, with each episode looking at the influence of art on the current day situation of our society. The first episode asks why humans surround themselves with images of the body that are so unrealistic. In narration: The fact is people


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  Hysteria – Quoting from Hilmar Farid cultural speech entitled “Turning of the tide of Culture“. Essays that is written in a straightforward by Hilmar told of how archipelago culture setbacks actually happen because we’ve lost touch with the sea. In ‘The Turning of the Tide’ written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, maritime culture orientation shift


Art Labs, Art Labs, Art Labs

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In the “Arts and Civil Society“, Ignas Kleden once trying to unravel the relationship between art functionality with society. The essays that contained in the compilation of cultural speeches of Jakarta Arts Council ‘Cultural Imagination’ is not give a definitive answer for this question. Ignas only shows the possibilities that can be created, but returns