Launching Lacikata

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  • 11/11 – LACIKATA as a community initiated by Hysteria, after closed coordination meeting with the members (Vivi, Ganz, and Arif), finally LACIKATA officially established with the community launch event on Saturday, April 30th, 2011. The event was held in Stonen street / 29, Sampangan. The event started with a presentation session that explains the vision, mission, and programs of both external and internal community. then followed by a discussion with the invited guests such as:Cakra Community , Open Mind Community, Emka Theatre, Wardjito Soeharso (manager of At the conclusion of the session, reaffirmed that in order to become a literary icon in Semarang, LACIKATA need programs that promote literature. Therefore, it demands a lot of sacrifice, Wardjito said.
The event was enlivened by the performance from Goge Musical, poetry readings of Emka Theatre representative , Kurniawan Yunianto, Ganz Pecandukata, Arif Fitra Kurniawan, and several other participants. After the launching ceremony, LACIKATA will realize a regular programs began in May.

Just information, that this community launching event has been held twice (the first was January 23th).

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