Save Watu Tugu Site!

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  • 13/13 – March 12, 2011, at 15:00. the sun began leaning to the west. Slowly began to sink, but not with the hundreds of people who gathered in kindergarten An Nur, Village Tugurejo. Hundreds of people who come from different regionse (Surakarta, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Kediri, Pati and other areas) are driven by the same spirit. Driven by the same pain in their hearts and  interlock to form a concern. Watu Tugu sites, A site whose age is estimated around the age of Prambanan, even Raffles ,the famous Dutch colonial Governor in Indonesia, wrote that this site is the boundary between the kingdom of Majapahit and Padjadjaran, and yet the current condition is bad. The temple building that is deliberately created by Tanah Mas Corporation in 1980 were not able to withstand the annoyance of the hands of visitors.

Almost all of the temple and Watu site were filled with doodle draw and graffiti. Not to mention the act of stone-breaking company at the foot of the temple adds to a series of melancholy story of one of the oldest sites in Semarang.

Apparently the government indifference to preserve this cultural heritage makes a lot of artists and citizens concerned . Then in a small forum was agreed that March 12, the artists and local residents, have to do something. Small forum was initiated by Janta Jabrik, Turah, and Adin eventually become an embryo that drives many artists to get involved. Thanks to the persistent efforts of Slamet Gundono, Mr. Joko Bibit and also chief of community group (RW) 03 of Tugu Village, then a small ritual is held that attracted the attention of many people.

“Grebeg Perih Ati Watu” ( The Stone Heart Wound Ritual), so the show was entitled. There are also some theater such as: ASA, Kaplink, Emka, Dipo, Wadas, Concepts, Branch, Beta, Froth, Metaphysical, SS, persona, Tesa, Jejak, Depan, Teras, Cengkir, Getar, Ruang, Suket Studio, Hysteria, and Kapling Tugurejo Group. The event was nicely appreciated not only by Ki Slamet Gundono, but also Didik Nini Towok, Gun Retno Sedulur Sikep, and Ms Ting Tong from Sahita. They work together to succeed this event which ended at 10:00 pm. Tugu Watu sites that usually pitch black at night was bathed in light and folk song.

Interestingly, this event is purely an initiative of local residents and artists. Even the participants are willing to pay dues to buy food and transportation. Not a penny that recieved from government, even thoght the aesthetics are not inferior to the project that initiated by rich artists .

The future is expected that from this event Watu Tugu site could get more attention so it isn’t neglected. It isn’t easy to achieve that hope to the site that has been long-neglected by artists and senior humanist of Semarang. It means that this site really neglected, and the local government seems indifferent to the existence of this site. especially stone-breaking company that still operating and potentially damage the temple area. Indeed this site-care movement is a movement of art which is certainly less robust enough to be used as a more realistic movement because it still missing the involvement of multi-disciplinary network to save Watu Tugu site. However, as the beginning of forum agreement by some initiators that this action is a little thing that we can do than to blame the condition continuously. Indeed the site is neglected until today, but at least there is an attempt to start a movement of awareness that the site is important not only for local residents of Tugurejo or even Semarang, but also the legacy of the past civilizations that anyone can learn from it.

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