The circumference of the Earth in action on Stonen hill

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  • 10/10 – Apparently the flood problems that afflict Hysteria and Stonen street residents protracted until today. Various attempts have been made since March. Peaceful efforts did not reach the meeting agreement. The complaints efforts conducted in Living Environment Institution (BLH) Semarang, municipal police (Satpol) even having an audience with the Commission C Parliament of Semarang. All things have been done, but Podo Rukun Corporation did not budge. So on Earth Day on 22 April, Lingkar Bumi (Hysteria, LBH Semarang, Karamba Art Movement, Molek, Emka Theatre, and Asa Theatre) held a common concern.

Of course this concern is not merely responding to cases stonen hill. There are bigger things that related to the case of Stonen hill. The weak of law supremacy and the firmness of the rules have made several parties play their own wishes. Development of an area does not include official permission. Such Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL), Enviromental Management Effort (UKL) / Environmental Monitoring Effort (UPL), Statement Letter of Environmental Management (SPPL) and the like are often the things that are avoided by entrepreneurs. The result is environmental and social losses are inevitable.

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