Organize Yourself, and Become Your Very Own Weapon

Hysteria –┬áThe best advocacy method to not only equip ourselves with spirit, but also the ability to organize ourselves and the masses are still considered an effective way until now. Several speakers had been invited in the workshop of how to organize mass, such as Reggi Kayon Munggaran (ex Legal Aid Organization (LBH) Bandung), Addy


Hone Technical Skills

Hysteria – Providing technical skills are also considered important thing to do. This documentation shows the activity Hysteria provide technical training screen printing (2009) with the Community Plant For Life, Salatiga, and wood printing (2011) together with Taring Padi, Yogyakarta.


Archieve, Archieve, Archieve, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop

Performance Club in Hysteria

Hysteria has a commitment to provide a medium of learning for young artists in Semarang. One of these workshops are held periodically. On this occasion Hysteria invite Performance Club Yogyakarta. This activity was held in August 2008. Iwan Wijono, Tim Puk, Rachel Saraswati appear to be a mentor in the activities pursued by various theater