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Kotak Listrik 2

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Hysteria along with HelloBreakfast for the second time hold experimental music event Kotak Listrik 2. Different from previous years, this time the show featured two musicians from overseas, that Mindfucking Boy (Singapore), and Kirdec (Belgium).


Mindfuckingboy (Singapore) Shaun, Musicians originating in Singapore is a unique musician. His music is emotional catharsis, self cleansing and the intimacy expression of those who deny the words. Beside frequently performs in Singapore, he also performed in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom) as well as Asian countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Shaun also played guitar and bass for Elekore along with C-Drik Fermont (electronic) and One Man Nation (vocals, electronics). Sometimes he helps the recording from various band with different genres such : to punk, metal, ska, hardcore and experimental in Singapore. Shaun has also worked as a live sound engineer for theater productions and concert venue (Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra), and as tour gig coordinator in Singapore.

Kirdec (Belgium) Kirdec is a project of the C-Drik (Ammo, Axiome, Ambre, Dead Hollywood Star, etc.) the intersection of genres such as breakcore, electronica, electro, industrial, hip hop .Kirdec has been doing tours in western and eastern Europe, such as Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Serbia, France, Bulgaria as well as in Asia and the Middle East such as Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, South Korea and North America. Kirdec is currently recording some new songs and solo songs collaborated with France dark hop band called Le diktat and other collaboration together with the American experimental hip-hop artists Black Saturn.

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