Tengok Bustaman 2: Bok Cinta Project

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Hysteria Bok Cinta Project is an art project, which is held in Kampung Bustaman, Purwodinatan, North Semarang. ‘Bok Cinta’ is an idiom made by Bustaman Youths, named Ikatan Remaja Bustaman (IRB), to call their hang-out place in one of Bustaman alleys. Physically, ‘Bok Cinta’ made of concrete brick (3 X 0,6 meters) in one of the houses. In Javanese this building is called ‘Bok’, functioning as a place to sit around. In this place, Bustaman Youths usually gather to chit-chat, meet friends, and do other activities. This kind of habit creates a sense of belonging, solidarity, and occasionally generates creative ideas.
The term ‘Cinta’ or love, shows a psychic dimension and positive image. The absence of good public space in that area made ‘Bok Cinta’ becomes substitutional public space for the residents. In this project, ‘Bok Cinta’ will give purpose on how people need and can access public space. This project challenges the artists to re-interpret a public space as a place to gather, to build solidarity, and to speak ideas. ‘Bok Cinta’ is chosen as a basic idea of the whole program in Bustaman.

‘Bok Cinta’ is a part of ‘RUN & LEARN: New Curatorial Constellations’, a program initiated and conducted by Japan Foundation. There are several selected young curators from Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia in this program. It challenged the young curators to follow curatorial workshop from August – September 2014 in Japan. The selected curators are getting a change to develop their program in their own country. In Indonesia this program will take place in three cities: Jakarta, Semarang, and Yogyakarta.
Ahmad Khairudin (Adin), the selected curator for Semarang, invites ten artists to join in his project ‘Bok Cinta’. The program, which developed in Bustaman, also invites the residents during the process. This program is supported by people of Bustaman and Semarang government.
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