City of The Future Festival

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Hysteria – In connection with the anniversary of organization, Hysteria held Festival ‘Kota Masa Depan’ (City of the Future). This theme was chosen based on the re-reading our art activities in the last decade that concern to the art community, youth, and urban issue.

City of the Future stems from the idea to invite the public to envision the future of the city as they wish. In many occasions alot of people said that cities in Indonesia designed by elitist, involving only regional leaders and technocrats (urban planning expert). Development pattern like this isn’t always proper to be implemented in the society. Development that does not absorb the aspirations of the poor society often ends in disappointment because the results are not as desired. City planning more controlled by elitist that considered an expert in the city issue. Referring to the origin of the word ‘ahli’ (in Indonesia language) which means the owner, the party that own the city isn’t just goverment and technocrats, because it was built together with all the people who lived in the region. They, who lived the city, are the rightful heir to the city and thus they are the ‘ahli (experts)’ in the scope of the smallest part of the city itself.
According to sociologist and economist Saskia Sassen (author of The Global City) is often the knowledge of the public are not accommodated in urban development. In fact, many lessons can be learned from it.

‘City of the Future’ invites the public and artists to come together to have a concern for the future of the city and stimulate audiences to joint and actively voiced their imagination about the city in the future. These voices are expected to be consideration of how the future city was built.

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