Working Through Vacation

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If we see mural art in public spaces is certainly a refreshing for our sights. The walls were shabby and dirty transformed into a more colorful and more festive. Behind the scenes of the change in public spaces into a more enjoyable sight, there must be someone or groups role. ‘One Day Art Project Crew’ or simply ‘O.D.A.P Crew’ is one of those who take this role, a groups of young people that draw mural in public spaces. Of course, this activity is legal and have permission from the facility owner. Activities of Crew O.D.A.P are summarized clearly in an exhibition entitled “Untuk Perhatian! # 1: One Day Art Project Exhibition “which opened last Friday, February 26, 2016. The exhibition, which was held in grobak Art Kos, Stonen street / 29 Bendanngisor, Gajahmungkur, Semarang is the latest program Hysteria Art Lab (HAB) titled ‘Untuk Perhatian!’. For the first project, HAB took O.D.A.P Crew.

What is interesting is the concept of work done by colleagues O.D.A.P Crew, a holiday base concept. As stated by one of the artists who are members of that activity, Arief Hadinata (Hokage), “The concept of vacation art actually came after O.D.A.P third. Then we all agree that this project becomes a collective activity, and responds to the location or sites that are considered important and traveled to simply eliminate fatigue but usefull, “he told to media.

The execution process of mural art only takes only one day as that delivered by the exhibition curator Tommy Ari Wibowo, “One day, which means only take one day, as the name implies that this art project is only take one full day, although the process takes days and days but the execution of their work just take one day, said Tommy. During 2015 O.D.A.P run this project as much as 6 times in different places, such as Gunung Pati, Jepara, Kebumen, Magelang and Tegal. this open project invites several artists that willing to participate for a vacation to a place that is considered important base on research on locations that will be visited. Through murals they campaign the importance of those sites that is usually neglected. Mural media is selected, in addition to their background as a street artist, is because this media capable of conveying to people lightly, so the art as a language of expression can be achieved. Hopefully, people around the site will be aware of how important the site, appreciate it, pride and take care of it. The exhibition runs until February 28, 2016. As sidelines events, there is also screening and artist talk.

Just for information that ‘Untuk Perhatian!’ program will be held once every two months by exhibiting the makers or artists work, both personal and communal that  consistent or fresh. “This is the manifestation of our support for the art scene in Semarang, not only to facilitate this program also provides financial stimulus and assets for the makers or artists who we choose,” said Tommy, as head of the division HAB. (Ndang)

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