Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey at LOCALISTATION! 🌅🎶 Join us for a sunset ride with @atlas_customrider followed by electrifying performances by @astera_ina @glasstrick @devilhorserock @johnnygoodboy69 @_wollll and @timethrow4all at the Nocturnal Semarang! ✨🎤 Plus, indulge in some ink therapy with exclusive flash tattoos by @inkvirusart_studio and a fresh cut at the flash barber by @differbarber All this for just 25k IDR, and we’re throwing in a free drink! 🍹🔥This epic event was brought to life by @gemuruhgigs @viscosityy and @atlas_customrider and proudly sponsored by @grobakhysteria @komunitassemarang and @nocturnal.smg 🙌🎉 Shoutout to our amazing media partners @ouroborosclub @semarang_on_fire @_larelare_ @wadyabalasemarang @incuba.id and @ruanglogikamedia for their support. Artwork layout by @morbidjihadist Let’s make Localistation the musical event of the year! 🚀🎵#LOCALISTATION#SemarangMusic#LiveInk#FlashBarber#MusicFestival

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