Strengthening the Community Movements

Wednesday 22 September
14.30-16.00 (UTC +7)
“Strengthening the Community Movements”

The Spice Route is a literacy movement which provides an entry point to a multiple dimension of knowledge. This discussion presents mobilizer communities who have carried out their activism in their respective fields. For these communities, with or without the support of the government, the public literacy movement must be continued and must be made sustainable. The community must be able to move independently.

Contributing Speakers:
• Dr. Tjahjo Suprayogo – GPMB
• Yanuardi Syukur, M.Si. – Rumah Produktif Indonesia
• Kaisar Akhir, M.Sc. – Maritim Muda Nusantara
• Adin Mbuh – Kolektif Hysteria
Moderator/host: Robby Sunata – Sahabat Cagar Budaya Palembang / Negeri Rempah Foundation

Thank you to all contributing speakers, communities and organizations for the enthusiasm in supporting this program. IFSR is a contribution from the people to support Indonesia’s endeavor to nominate the Spice Route as world heritage.

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