Time, Place, and Challenges

“Time. Place and Challenges”
Sunday, 20 Oct 2019
Ruang @ ThinkCity

Lostgens Contemporary Artspace
8c, Jalan panggung 50000 KL.

As part of Art In The City 2019, CENDANA is hosting “Time. Place and Challenges”, a Public Art Forum in which a selected panel of Malaysian and international speakers will engage in in-depth discussions on the historical contexts, contemporary processes, and future directions of public art.

By sharing these experiences and confronting common challenges in various Southeast Asian contexts, the forum intends to identify solutions that participants will be able to implement in their respective professional contexts, with the wider ambition of devising a more integrated and collaborative arts ecosystem in the region.

Seven invited speakers, Nani Kahar, Dr. Rosli Zakaria, Tetawowe Atelier, Aisyah Baharuddin, Snow Ng, Lim Soo Ngee (Singapore), and Adin Hysteria (Indonesia) will speak about their works in the public art realm, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Pang Khee Teik. Deliberately selected from a cross section of various art-related professions — including artists, researchers, curators, cultural workers, and relevant stakeholders — the speakers will cover various topics, such as: how we conceptualise, select, and design public art; the (re)definition of public spaces; the ownership and funding of public art; participatory actions and reactions from the public; the intersection of local authority and policies with public art; and much more.

Ultimately, the Forum seeks to examine and draw out the full impact that public art can have on perceptions of public space and on public consciousness generally.

Admission is FREE.

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