“Ngumpulke 28 Balung Pisah” (Collecting 28 Scattered Bones)

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Hysteria – “Ngumpulke 28 Balung Pisah” (Collecting 28 Scattered Bones) this is a theme that chosed to represent our 8th year old organization. The theme tries to express our need to recollect our friends, partners, links, relatives that scattered, near or far, from the very first time this organization runs. This problem is caused by many things such as the business of each personal, the distances, different vision with other organizations and etc. A part of those things, friend is a friend, whatever it is, those are our blood.

That’s how it is, friends and all that have been taken care of for 8 years is our closest relatives and one faith in art activity. Their existance has shaped, colored, and influenced us as a collective and art organization. They are blood that still, has, and will run through our vein and soul. The interaction with whole network, friends, link and others may vary. The relation itself just like sea surfaces, they are ascending, and sometimes, descending.

Bloom this relation once more in Hysteria is one of our intention, rebuild the bridges of interaction that has loosened for this past several years. We try to accommodate the cooperation with other in this event as many as we can, yet, there are long way to achieve the idea of ideal relationships. Here we are today, as a result of consistency of continuing the effort to build an ideal relationship with others, beyond those prejudices and misconceptions of us.

Those 8 years is spent to create many educative, documentative, apresiative, and facilitative programs. This event is also attempt to emphasize our identity which concern in growing youth community and good creative atmosphere in Semarang. The number of 28 is chosen to remind us of Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge Day) on 28 October. Youth Oath Day is and act that initiated by Indonesian Student Association (PPI) in Youth Congress 28 October 1928. sebuah organisasi pemuda yang beranggota pelajar dari seluruh Indonesia. In the event that the meeting is split into three, before the birth of youth oath, Moehammad Yamin as one of the participants of the congress spark an idea. His ideas are about the meaning and relationship of unity with youth. According to him, there are five factors that can strengthen the unity of Indonesia, those are; history, languages, customary law, education, and willingness.

In today’s context, has this idea still valid and embedded in the minds of hearts of friends? How do they address the social issues today? What kinds of sliced interests can unite generations today? Those are issues and themes that will be addressed to the participants which we engage. They can reinforce the idea of the origin of the oath of youth and respond creatively in the context of today. They also response this issues with concrete actions. They also may be questioning, or even declined, but still provide a solution. Beside that, there are also some sub Issues that is emerged to raise the youth awareness of city issues.


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