Niconcept exhibition: Break d Wall, Break the Limits

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An exhibition does not always have to be presented in a linear fashion. Nirkonsep as an example, they carry out a photography exhibition at GAK (Grobak A(r)t Kos) Stonen street / 29 , Sampangan May 21th2010. There are about 19 photos displayed in the exhibition. All photos displayed on the ceiling of the house. So we can be sure the visitors will look up to the top to enjoy the visual images.

‘Break d Wall (5 Dimensions) is first group exhibition of Nirkonsep. The concept that they brought is breach the limits that the object of photo is more than just merely beautiful and eye-catching. The object could be something that is not essential but highly conceptual. The exhibition, which opened by Mrs. Atie (owner of Gallery Mrs. Atie) showing the works of, among others: Bro Say Me, Bagas Bato, Tyok Hari, Helmy Yeef, and Septian Yudha. Some of them indeed beginners but there are also those who simply have a base of professional photographers of wedding events. This event is used to voice their idealism about the world of photography.

Perhaps there is nothing new of their photo in the photography scene in Indonesia. But there aren’t many of exhibitions which has strong ideas both in terms of themes and concepts in Semarang. Because of that, Break d Wall ,according to Helmy as head of the Nirkonsep, shall be the first step to campaign the conceptual photography in Semarang.

Nirkonsep in cooperation with Hysteria held a variety of events such as discussions and screening as part of exhibition events. One of the speaker that came for the discussion is Wimo Ambala Bayang, directors of Mes 56. They explained their views about the world of photography that is implemented in the Mes 56 actvities.

The exhibition will be closed May on May 27th, 2010 with the film screening fromthe collection of Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA).

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