Prisma Photography Exhibition

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Hysteria is very grateful when PRISMA offers to facilitate this event, this as a sign that our existence is recognized. Otong as chairman of PRISMA, one of the Colleger Activities Unit (UKM) of Diponegoro University that concern in photograpy, invite Hysteria to become a partner in the exhibition which was held on December 19th – 22th,2009. We approved the deal by making an agreement to clarify our position as a facilitator.

Theres not much preparation done because a lot of technical things that they assume it will be solved by exhibition day, frame and photo paper. Many members of Prisma confused what to do, this can be seen when they come into Hysteria, and most of them just do not do the technical preparations or anything else. Lack of coordination makes them seem stranded just ahead of the exhibition. Many technical types of equipment are unprepared, in the end they used Hysteria’s equipments like lamps, cables, rolled wires and some other.

24 hours before the event began, Prisma members were busy preparing technical and fortunately nothing is obstructed, almost all photos displayed, except for photo that no longer have a place to display. As the exhibition progresses, there are several rundowns abitincoherent because, once again, lack of coordination. The performance art session that should be after the opening speech and before the official opening of the exhibition, was changed to the third event after the official opening of the exhibition by senior Prisma. There is also a change for moderator of discussion session, which at first is Purna (Hysteria) and then replaced by members of Prisma without any prior notice.

Apart from all that, we are very grateful for Prisma who want to use our space as an exhibition venue. Many things can we learn from the implementation process of the event, including technical matters required in photography exhibition because Hysteria have a program of photography workshops and exhibitions. Knowledge of how expensive photo required for exhibitions, required equipmentss, up to the place to order picture frame.
We always try to criticize even the small things done by our own members or from friends who work together with us, hopefully, from these critics we can further improve.

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