Mapping Project 1: “Dalam Kamar” (In a Room)

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Gigs poster exhibition, there is a necessary synergies between stakeholders and musicians

Hysteria – Conducting the mapping is one of the program from Hysteria to support the development of community culture. Mapping process is conducted in music scene. We start mapping from a simple things by exhibiting gig posters range from 2007 to 2009. This exhibition is expected to map on how the music scene in Semarang evolved in the last three years. Hysteria, along with Kosong organized this event from June 18th – 21th 2010. Frieda Amalia (Hysteria) and Aga Petir (Kosong) split this event into various activities. Those activities are exhibition, film screening and discussion with Syamsul and Danang T. In the future, this program will be continued by mapping other issue. In the previous year Hysteria also held a similar event precisely in the 2007 – 2008. Even if still very simple, Hysteria tried to map theater and literacy activity in Semarang. But it becomes an embryo for this kind of projects.

Mapping project, Petakota #1 is program of Hysteria that this time is executed by documentation division in cooperation with Kosong zine. The initial idea of ​​this program is the lack of awareness in documenting art events. Mapping project, petakota itself is planned to be a regular program Hysteria and as part of mapping the urban art movement in Semarang and youth movement in the city. Besides being a shared database, this mapping process is also expected to facilitate the public to witness the throb of art that is growing, developing or even dying. We could read the following fault and what have happened from this work later on, and from existing data can be processed in order to learn from the modus that have been done before.

Posters archiving about indie music events in Semarang from 2007-2009 is highlighted in this project. There are about 80 – 90 posters that was compiled by the organizers. All posters is displayed in Grobak A(r)t Kos (GAK), Stonen street / 29 Semarang from June 18th – 21th 2010. Frieda Amalia as head organizer said in a press release that this activity is very important, beside to arouse awareness of documentating, it is needed for research material about the growth of sub-culture in Semarang. Aga, the conceptor of Kosong zine, also argued that from these posters can be observed the development of indie music in Semarang.

The event entitled “Dalam Kamar” (In a room) is not only contains a poster exhibition. There was also discussion about the development of the local music scene, film screening and music performance by Scarecrows and Steamboat. Titled ‘in the room’ is used because the display is configured to resemble with boys room and posters scattered all over the walls and ceiling. So, The GAK gallery, measuring 3 x 5m, is transformed into room that covered with posters assortment.

Unfortunately, the numbers of audiences for this kind of event are still quiet small. If you want to learn from history is certainly not easy, it is like stuck in the same hole. Without such reflective consciousness, it doesn’t impossible the artists and actors of the music scene in Semarang perform ‘suicide rite’ repeatedly that unfortunately haven’t realized by them. Based on observations of Danang Tri (one of the speakers in the discussion session) Semarang is very potential but due to the carrying capacity of the infrastructure is not ready then one by one, these potential seeds die slowly. In another case, Syamsul (practitioners) said “Ideally the government provide proper facilities and access if you want the condition better”.

This means that there must be synergy between the actors and the music scene with the government also existing stakeholders. It is a point of discussion that took place during the course of the event.

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