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“Ngumpulke 28 Balung Pisah” (Collecting 28 Scattered Bones)

Hysteria – “Ngumpulke 28 Balung Pisah” (Collecting 28 Scattered Bones) this is a theme that chosed to represent our 8th year old organization. The theme tries to express our need to recollect our friends, partners, links, relatives that scattered, near or far, from the very first time this organization runs. This problem is caused by


Writing, Perpetuate the Future Fracture

Hysteria – There are several speakers who had been invited to the workshop about authorship, such as Bandung Mawardi, Afrizal Malna, Eko Tunas, Muhammad Sulhanuddin, Candra Heri Santosa, Anggoro Suprapto, and Adhitia Armitrianto. The workshop was held as much as three times, in 2008, 2009, and 2012. This training provides an opportunity for anyone to practice


Utilization of Social Media

Hysteria – Nowadays, popular social media such as twitter, path, instagram, and others have rapidly adopted as a means of distribution of information even in emerging particular issues. Hysteria invites Jefri Dinomo as an analyst of social media to give an explanation of this phenomenon and the tips in using social media. Hysteria also invited


Workshop, Workshop, Workshop

Workshop about Comics

Hysteria – This activity is a meeting point for independent comic artists in Semarang. Coordinated by Agung ‘Scream Of Oi’, workshop run smoothly and comic exhibition is also held by friends of Semarang.


Semarang Literary Triennale: Young Poets Summit

Hysteria – This program is a triennale festival of Literature in Semarang which brought together poets, writers, and essayists. The first festival started in 2008, and in the second festival is managed by the younger generation, and invite many activists of Indonesian literature. the theme still revolves around the unfinished regeneration in literary scene of